Top TikTok Stars In 2022

Top TikTok stars in 2022

TikTok has quickly become the hottest social media platform today. As of 2021, the app has over 800 million active users worldwide, with a majority of them being Gen Zers. With its popularity increasing exponentially each year, it's no surprise that TikTok is one of the top platforms for influencers and aspiring celebrities to make their mark in the online space. In this blog post, we take a look at what the future of TikTok looks like. We will explore who some of the biggest stars on the platform may be in 2022 and how they are likely to grow and shape this amazing social network. So if you want to stay ahead of the game and get to know what's hot on TikTok before anyone else does - keep reading!
From viral challenges to dance trends and lip-sync videos, the platform is teeming with content that has the potential to go viral. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see how TikTok continues to evolve and which stars are making waves in 2022. Of course, predicting who will be the most popular creators on any social media platform is not an easy task. We'll take a look at some of the current trends and patterns in order to get an idea of who may rise up as top TikTok influencers by 2022.

Charli D'Amelio
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With over 54 million followers, 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio is the most followed person on TikTok. Hailing from Connecticut, D’Amelio got her start on the app when she was just 15 years old. She started gaining traction after posting a dance to the song “Renegade” by K Camp. D’Amelio has since gone on to collaborate with some of the biggest names on TikTok, including Addison Rae and Chase Hudson. In addition to her immense popularity on TikTok, D’Amelio has also accrued over 7 million followers on Instagram.
In 2020, D’Amelio launched a line of merchandise and signed with United Talent Agency. She has also starred in several commercials and music videos, such as the one for her collaboration with Jennifer Lopez. Charli D’Amelio continues to be an influential figure on social media and is an inspiration to many young people around the world.

Addison Rae
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Addison Rae is one of the most popular TikTok stars in the world. With over 41 million followers, she is known for her creative and funny videos.

Rae started posting videos on TikTok in 2019 and quickly rose to fame. She has since appeared in multiple magazines and television shows. In 2020, she was ranked as the second-highest earning TikTok star, with an estimated annual income of $5 million.

Rae is also a successful entrepreneur. In 2020, she launched her own line of cosmetics called Item Beauty. The line was a huge success, selling out within minutes of its launch.
In addition to her success on TikTok, Rae has also become a well-known influencer. She has partnered with multiple brands and organizations, including the UNICEF campaign, Just Dance 2021, and Crocs.

Chase Hudson
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Chase Hudson is an American social media star who rose to fame on the video-sharing platform TikTok. He gained immense popularity for his lip syncing videos and comedy sketches, which have collectively earned him over 24 million followers on the platform.

Hudson first began posting content in 2017 and within two years had already amassed over 10 million followers on TikTok. He has since gone on to collaborate with several other big names in the industry, such as Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio.

In 2020, Hudson launched his own clothing line called “Hype House” which sold out in minutes after its launch. He continued to be active on social media throughout 2020 and even released two singles this year titled “21st Century Vampire” and “Good Times”.

Dixie D'Amelio
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Dixie D'Amelio is one of the most popular TikTok stars in the world. She has over 28 million followers on the platform and is known for her funny videos and dance routines. D'Amelio is also a member of the Hype House, a group of TikTok stars who live together and create content together.
Aside from her TikTok success, D'Amelio has also ventured into the music industry. She has released several singles and collaborated with artists like Lil Mosey and Wiz Khalifa. In 2020, she was featured on the single "Be Happy" by fellow TikTok star and Hype House member Charli D'Amelio, which became a viral hit with over 200 million streams.

D'Amelio is also an active philanthropist. In 2019, she partnered with UNICEF to help provide clean drinking water for children in Africa. She has also done anti-bullying work and supported various charities, including the American Red Cross and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Bryce Hall
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Bryce Hall is one of TikTok's most popular stars, with over 22 million followers. He often posts videos of himself lip-syncing and dancing, and has also been known to collaborate with other TikTok users. He has been featured in multiple articles and interviews, and was even named one of Time magazine's "25 Most Influential People on the Internet" in 2019.
Hall is also a popular figure in the music industry, having released multiple original singles. He has toured with other popular artists such as Lil Nas X and Quavo, and is well-known for his creative lyrics and high-energy performances.

Noah Beck
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Noah Beck is a 19-year-old American TikTok star. He has over 21 million followers on the platform and his videos have been viewed over 1.5 billion times. Beck is also a muser, with over 3 million followers on

Beck first gained popularity on Vine, before making the switch to TikTok. He often posts comedic videos, lip syncs, and challenges. He has collaborated with other big names on TikTok, including Chase Hudson and Dixie D'Amelio.

In 2019, Beck was ranked as the second highest-earning TikTok star in the world, behind only Bryce Hall. He reportedly made $4 million in that year from sponsorship deals and advertising revenue.

James Charles
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James Charles is a TikTok star with over 14 million followers. He is known for his creative makeup looks and tutorials. He has also been featured in several magazines, including Vogue and Teen Vogue.
Charles has been interviewed by various media outlets, including the New York Times and Forbes. He is also a brand ambassador for Morphe Cosmetics and CoverGirl. Charles was named one of Time Magazine's most influential people of 2019.
Charles' career began when he started posting videos of himself doing makeup on Instagram. His looks quickly gained attention and he was signed to Iconic Focus Talent Agency in 2016. He has since gone on to collaborate with several major brands, including Morphe and CoverGirl. Charles also released his own eyeshadow palette with Morphe in 2019. In the same year, he was the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl.


As we have seen, the list of the top TikTok stars in 2022 is filled with celebrities who have established themselves as influencers and content creators. With their creative ideas and unique performances, these TikTokers are sure to become even more popular in the coming years. Their success will continue to bring attention to this platform and will help promote it as a great place for aspiring content creators to showcase their skills. So, if you’re ready to join them on this adventure, be sure to give yourself time while learning how they make it big!

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